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2023 Fashion Show Lynx Coat Drawing

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One of our long time members, Sally Hettick, has graciously offered this beautiful vintage full length Lynx coat to raffle off in a drawing. A full belly lynx coat can cost from $30,000 to $100,000. White lynx fur is the most expensive one and the coats made out of it are the rarest. When you purchase a ticket, all proceeds collected will go to our Support the Troops fund, currently collecting to help restore the Vietnam Veteran's mural on Mooney Blvd. Lynx fur is an endangered species. This coat can easily be altered into a beautiful coat especially for you. We will provide names of furriers to help you, should you be the lucky winner! Or . . . maybe it fits like a glove and was meant to be. Regardless, what a unique opportunity to own such a beautiful fur!

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